Instruments, Inc.

NEW LONDON PRECISION INSTRUMENTS, INC., (NLPI) is located at 11847 Lime Plant Road, New Market, Maryland. Our building consists of 7500 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and 2500 sq. ft. of  office space.  Established in 1982, specializing in R&D prototypes for product development, scientific instruments for both government and commercial laboratories and short run production. We are a woman owned small business.


NLPI is a fully integrated CAD/CAM manufacturing facility utilizing two, three, four and five axis CNC machines for turning, milling and grinding operations.  Using MasterCam and SmartCams’s Milling and Turning packages, parts with complex surfaces can be readily machined.  CAD and or solid modeling files can be directly loaded into MasterCam/SmartCam’s system for tool path processing cutting lead-times and reducing fabrication costs.


Along with this CAD/CAM capability comes the vast experience in working with a wide range of materials, including, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, special alloys such as Invar and Hastelloy, refractory metals such as, tungsten, tantalum and molybdenum as well as glass, quartz, sapphire and other ceramics and plastics.


NLPI has manufactured instruments including spectrometers, radiometric instruments, curved crystal mounts, laser steering mirror assemblies, microwave cavities, bio-medical instruments, flow cells, measuring devices, ICCD Flight Cameras, drone helicopter prototypes and unmanned spy vehicle robots.